Six String Samurai

All science fiction lovers remember the 1998 movie called “Six String Samurai, a post apocalyptic comedy starring Jeffrey Falcon, directed by Lance Mungia. The movie is about an hour and a half long and it is very entertaining for those who love this sort of post apocalypse, adventure fantasy. And what’s more the movie addresses all rock’n’roll fans as well. The hero, a guitar player named Billy uses his guitar just like samurais use their swords. He saves this little boy in a spectacular and thrilling battle and they both set out for Lost Vegas, the supposedly last bastion of freedom and the capital of rock’n’roll, after the Russians have dropped a bomb on America.

Jeffrey Falcon performs his own stunts , without any double. He is an actor with some martial arts training and that shows. Falcon makes a very credible character and manages to delight the martial arts loving spectators with his fighting scenes.

Although the music and its tempo, the way the movie is filmed and edited are highly appreciated by the fans of this film, there’s been some controversial talk about the character of the kid and the choice for Justin McQuire.

The fans of the movie all agree that Six String Samurai should be one of the classics of the genre, just as highly appreciated as Kill Bill Vol.1 and other movies like it.

Anyone who’s seen the movie surely remembers Death, who looks like Slash, the slaughter of the Red Army division and most of all DJ Werewolf, almost unanimously considered to be a great tribute to Wolfman Jack.

Although it was quite popular with lovers of the genre at the time, Six String Samurai never became a cult movie, as its fans consider it should have. The film has true potential and is very entertaining so nobody really understands why that happened.